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Tape-to-tape transfer and duplication services

AXIS-ONE offers you its transfer and duplication services from and to any format and tape standard. Our qualified technicians possess in-depth knowledge of the SD and HD formats and have the best transfer and duplication equipment at their disposal.


Digitisation and export service for your tape-to-file and file-to-tape services

In today’s digital age, digitising your material or offering you output that meets the highest quality standards is essential. We offer you tailor-made solutions for digitising your film rushes and simplifying the management of large volumes of material in multiple file formats or originating from miscellaneous sources. We supply you with a Final Cut Pro project, indexed and ready to edit, in DVD-R or hard disk formats.


Entrust us with the production of your masters. To provide you with ready-to-broadcast tapes, we take care of not only the transfer of your RED, AVC Intra/P2 HD or Quicktime files but also their quality control.

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