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Broadcast Integration department :

Integration systems, Engineering – Video-audio-lighting broadcast & IT solutions

The creation of a hybrid broadcast system has never been an easy thing.

Over the years, we have succeeded in filling the gap between IT & broadcast, thanks to our expertise, our analysis and the real added value we provide with each client and each project.

Axis-One is a supplier of systems, broadcast services and integration services.

Our staff work for and with their clients, in order to propose the best and, in this way, to contribute to ensuring the reliability, long-term viability and upgradeability of each investment.

We have designed, built and installed turn-key broadcasting systems, and we have integrated systems for a wide range of clients and firms, in order to enable them to maintain a competitive position in the audiovisual world.

We rely on more than 20 years of experience in the TV & broadcast sectors in order to produce sequences, conceive projects and present our broadcast skills by means of integration systems, engineering projects, project management and partnerships with other companies, providing professional, practical and reliable solutions for all actors in the broadcast sector, most particularly in television.

Over the years, we have completed simple, large-scale projects and more complex projects for major television networks, international institutions, production companies, post-production studios and independents in Belgium and abroad.
For Axis-One, no task is too big or too small; all projects are worthy of our greatest attention. Our staff, in partnership with our suppliers and top brand manufacturers, continue to grow and evolve as times and trends change, in order to remain on the cutting edge of technology and broadcasting.

The traditional audiovisual era has changed greatly and is constantly evolving.

Today, a full range of high-performance, complementary software programs are operational for broadcasting and for the management of video-audio-IT fluxes, subtitling, post-production, workflow automation and the management of digital assets for broadcasters.

These changes require digitisation & archiving of yesterday’s media for consultation and use today. You can benefit from this experience, which can now offer you film archiving solutions and the transfer of traditional media to high-performance, reliable and secure digital back-ups.

How can we help you with your current or future projects?

Put us to the test!

Axis-One is, above all, a service company “at your service”. This is why our primary role is to listen to you, assist you, advise you and provide you with our expertise and our know-how, whether simply for the purchase of equipment or for the examination and completion of a project, in conjunction with you, your architect, your technical manager, your selected suppliers, etc.

An overview of our range of skills:

Study, design, installation and services: Technological and technical studies, development of plans, design, installation, testing and worksite supervision, user training, maintenance & upgrades.

Network integration: Networking, data sharing, audiovisual tools, etc.

Management of video-audio-IT fluxes, secure storage and archiving.

Secure archiving & storage: Digitisation & archiving of yesterday’s media for consultation and use today.

Multimedia integration: Networking of audiovisual-video-sound-lighting-translation technology: management, supervision & sharing of sources.

Radio & Web TV studios: The traditional radio studio of yesterday is now being transformed into a mini-TV studio, with the installation of robot-controlled cameras.

Study, design & installation of studios, mobile control rooms, OB vans, SNG, TV sets , lighting concepts, studios, green key, infinity, virtual studios, etc.

The study, design and completion of a mobile unit, a studio, a TV set or Web/virtual studio require specific know-how and skills on a case-by-case basis.

At Axis-One, thanks to our years of experience in the television and audiovisual sector as well as our especially flexible structure and our network of partners, we are able to quickly develop a solution or technical recommendation that is specially adapted to your budget and technical needs.

Fitting-out of an amphitheatre or a meeting room:

We provide a simple, professional audiovisual solution that enables people who are uninitiated in communication technologies to use a practical, flexible and efficient audiovisual solution, ensuring a clear display.

Fitting-out of a showroom or a customer space:

Profit from and optimise this space or passageway; fit it out with a little imagination in terms of lighting and audiovisual aspects, so that it can become a marketing tool at your service.

Maintenance and after-sales service: Development of preventive and/or curative maintenance contracts on our premises or at your site, in line with the client’s needs.

Mechanical & electronic maintenance, repairs, wiring by the unit, etc. on our premises.

Training on specific products, upgrades: Thanks to the privileged relations we maintain with our suppliers and top brand manufacturers, our staff are constantly trained in how to use new technologies, and they can share this knowledge with our clients.

After-sales service & maintenance

At Axis-One, we are not satisfied with delivering and installing your equipment. Our engineers test it prior to delivery. They also perform the necessary adjustments and calibrations, which are then fine-tuned on site, under real conditions of use.

We know how important the reliability of your equipment is for you. This is why we offer tailor-made maintenance contracts that enable you to have your equipment maintained by qualified technicians, at your site or in our workshops. If your equipment is out-of-service for a prolonged time, or to enable you to deal with any service interruption, we provide you with equivalent replacement equipment at suitable prices and with a short turnaround time. We maintain privileged relations with all the brands that we distribute. Thanks to our fleet of rental equipment, we also have a large stock of spare parts and an in-house technical team (mechanical and electronic shops) that guarantee the availability of perfectly operational equipment under all circumstances.

Some customer references


2STV : Senegal

* Design & full execution of the 2STv television station in Dakar (broadcast control room, editing units, TV set, lighting).

* Full training of staff.


ADN-Studio : moving

* Design and technical video-audio-IT execution of the new studios on rue Artan.

* Installation & networking of 10 post-production control rooms & IT network + nodal.

* Set-up of a viewing room with screen & Barco 2K projector.

* Equipment rental + maintenance service.


Be-Tv (Ex Canal + Belgium)

* Implementation & installation and operation of multi-camera set for live sports events.

* Equipment rental + maintenance service.

Charleroi Danses:

* Installation & networking of 2 Final Cut editing units.

* Set-up of a sound studio.

* Equipment rental.

Centre National Audiovisuel Luxembourg :

* Moving of the video unit.

Axis-One performs studies, wiring and layout diagrams, wires the entire building for video, audio, IT & fibre optics, implements rack equipment, silkscreens and connects all peripherals.

Commission Europeenne

European Commission in Brussels :

Supply & set-up of a Broadcast video HF transmission system + staff training.

Conseil Europeen

Council of Europe in Brussels :

* Upgrading of the TV studio to high definition: technical design and preparation of drawings, implementation of equipment, execution of wiring & silkscreen printing.

* Renovation of the VIP hall; new lighting design and video control room with remote-controlled cameras.

* Consultancy for the drafting of specifications for a multi-camera control room and a filming studio.

* Set-up of a Web TV studio for DG Press + staff training.

Mediares :

* Installation & networking of 6 Final Cut editing units.

* Design & rental of a six LDK camera Broadcast control room.

* Equipment rental + maintenance service.

Radio Nostalgie

Radio Nostalgie Brussels :

* Execution of the Web TV studio + staff training.

No Tele

No Télé:

* Installation of a new production SAN + staff training.

* Equipment rental + maintenance service.


NATO Brussels :

* Installation of a Barco multi-viewer, an FC Studio control room + furnishings.

* Equipment rental + maintenance service.

* Sale of equipment for the ENG department (cameras, tripods, lenses, audio).

Parlement Europeen

European Parliament in Brussels :

* Provision of filming equipment, lighting and supports.


RTBF Brussels :

* Set-up of a motorized camera system on track for the news set + user training + maintenance contract.

* Provision of monitoring for the new HD12 coach.

* Equipment rental + maintenance service.

RTBF Rhisnes :

* Sale of various broadcast equipment & accessories.

* Equipment rental + maintenance service.


RTL-TVI Brussels :

* Installation of cool lights in the news studio.

* Set-up and configuration of a Triple IT 3G transmission system (4 units).

* Equipment rental.

Tele Bxl

Télé Bruxelles :

* Set-up and configuration of a Triple IT 3G transmission system (2 units).

* Equipment rental.

Tele Vesdre

Télévesdre : moving

* Studies, wiring and layout diagrams, wiring of the entire building for video, audio, IT & fibre optics, implementation of rack equipment, silkscreen printing and connection of all peripherals.


TV Com :

* Design, installation, configuration of a broadcast server, 5 editing & post-prod units, supply of TV set cameras and complete ENG units.

* Equipment rental + maintenance service.

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