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Mobile Viewpoint 3G-MC
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Mobile Viewpoint 3G-MC

The 3G-MC is a rectangular wearable module focusing on the transmission of live video or/and audio and data via a multiplexed Mobile connection. 

  • Dual speed uplink
  • High speed downlink
  • Fail over between two networks
  • Best possible mobile network availability
  • Touch screen with network information and configuration options
  • Remote (WEB-based)
  • Easy to install
  • Li-ion Battery powered
  • Audio retour

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Wireless Multiplex Terminal™ (WMT) is a box that bundles several mobile channels (HSPA, UMTS, GPRS, LTE) of one or multiple operators into one broadband channel. The solution has been designed to take existing wireless uplink barriers. The available bandwidth is dependent on the coverage of the mobile networks and network technology (2.5G/3G/3.5G/4G) at the location. Typically the upload capacity with WMT is between 500 and 3500kbps.

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