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.  HD/SD-SDI in both directions

.   Tally

.  2 serial  control ports

.  Sync

.  Talk back

.   Power /cable copper + fibre optic cable –light weight 6.5 Kg /100m

.   Head unit supplied in a tough waterproof case.

  The CamLinx system multiplexes video and analogue signals ( in digital form ) down a single fibre in each direction between the base station and head.

 The fibre is capable of very high signal data rates and consequently HD does not require any compression that would result in frame delay

  The fibre optic cable may have copper conductors within the sheath. Power is sent down at nominally 48 volts and converted to the camera voltage with high efficiency. This allows the use of relatively light cables for distances up to 250m. A 100m cable weighs 6.5 Kg. For longer distances a local power source or battery may be used.

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