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Button camera 16/9 HD
Day 1 100 €
Other 75 €

Button camera 16/9 HD


Full HD camera with WiFi button to control the camera and have a video back directly on your Smartphone. Remote control / remote with battery life of about 8 hours.
camera head dimensions: approximately 46x36x15mm

Full HD button camera with WiFi to control the camera and have a video feedback directly on your Smartphone. Battery life of about 8 hours.

camera head dimensions: approximately 46x36x15mm.


Day 1 485 €
Other 340 €



special price with 3 camera SONY XDCAM EX and tripods 1000 €


The Datavideo HS-2800 Hand Carried HD/SD Mobile Studio is an 8 channel 10-bit 1920 x 1080i broadcast-quality mobile switcher. The HS-2800 is ideal for TV and video professionals working on location of for use in a temporary video studio, such as theaters or conference centers and live performance venues. The flexibility of the HS2800 also makes it a solution for the worship, education and AV market. The unit comes built into a rugged plastic carry case, with a 17.3" LCD monitor mounted into the lid. The system is completely pre-wired and self-contained. Bring it to the location, open the lid, power up, plug in the inputs/outputs and you are set to go.

IDX  Wevi CW-7

IDX Wevi CW-7

The new and improved CW-7 wireless HD-SDI/SD-SDI transmission system now offers superior image quality, even more compatible video formats and up to 50m range with zero delay. The CW-7 has increased transmission power on all 4 channels and now features DFS (Dynamic Frequency Selection) for use in a wider range of indoor and outdoor applications, detecting official radio frequencies used within the 5GHz band and automatically switching to a safer and less congested channel.

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