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The Sony SBP-32 32GB SXS card is compatible with the PMW-EX1 and PMW-EX3.  If you own a PMW-EX1 pre Oct 08 then you will need a firm wear upgrade which will allow use of the SBP-32 with the camera.

SxS PRO is based on the SxS memory card specification developed for high speed data transfer. The new memory card helps to vastly improve the workflow efficiency, by reducing transfer times of large data files such as high definition video, recorded on the PMW-EX1 & EX3. Data transfer speeds of up to 800Mbps can be achieved with this card. (SBP 32)

The compact design contributes to the design of camcorders, enabling them to be smaller and lighter, and the reliability gives users the confidence and ability to shoot in the harshest of conditions.

SxS PRO complies with ExpressCard industry standard, which has been adopted by PC manufacturers as a replacement to the PC Card format. It is the first PCI Express solid state storage card and enables data transfers at almost twice the speed as legacy PC Cards.

The PMW EX-1 and EX3 have two card slots which are hot swappable. 1 x 32GB card SB-P30) can record approximately 140 mins in SP mode, and approximately 100 mins in HQ mode.

Features of the card:

Uses ExpressCard™ technology, the next generation PC card standard

High transfer speed of up to 800 Mbps

Record approximately 100min of video on HQ mode; 140min on SP mode

Increase the efficiency of workflow with higher performance and reliability

Specially designed for non-linear video editing systems


The Sony SBP-32 can also be known as the 32GB SxS card, SBP-32, SB-P32, SBP 32, XDCAM EX 32GB Card, SBP32, SBP32GB.

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