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Cinealta HD 4:2:2 Vary speed

The PDW-F800 CineAlta® camcorder expands the capabilities of the MPEG HD422 codec, with both offering a frame rate of 23.98P natively in 1080 mode and multi-format recording flexibility as standard – including standard-definition recording to support legacy formats (MPEG IMX®, DVCAM™ and 4:2:0 HD content).

It also provides multi-format (1080i/720P) recording, as well as HD/SD conversion and cross-conversion during playback between 1080i and 720P.

Users can record HD content (approximately 95 minutes at 50 Mbps) to the dual-layer 50GB version of Sony’s optical Professional Disc™ media, model PFD50DLA. The camera can also handle content on PFD-23A single layer discs.

The PDW-F800 adds variable frame rate recording for slow and quick motion capabilities, also commonly known as “over-cranking” and “under-cranking.” This is a critical feature for cinematographers and directors of photography who need the flexibility of changing frame rates to create unique “looks” for their productions or to create special effects.  The ability to shoot at slower or faster frame rates than playback delivers high-quality motion effects. These effects can be played back and viewed in the camera so any creative adjustments can be made immediately on site.

The camcorder uses three of Sony’s new 2/3-inch Power HAD™ FX progressive CCDs that can produce a resolution of 1920 by 1080 effective pixels, delivering high quality, four-channel 24-bit audio recording.

An image inverter feature enables the camera to be used with cinema lens adaptors, and a variety of gamma settings includes HyperGamma and user-selectable gamma curves. A focus assist bar-graph display is visible on the camera’s viewfinder, and users can record proxy data to USB removable media to make transferring data easier and faster, especially in the field or on location between the camera and a PC or editing system, for example.

The new camcorder also features auto tracing white balance hold,  output markers such as safety, aspect, and center on the HD-SDI output, slow shutter, interval recording, picture cache recording (up to 30 seconds), disc exchange cache and “shock-less” gain control. Option boards are available to enable pool-feed operation. The camcorder features a 2x digital extender to enhance zoom capabilities, enabling images to be doubled in size without any loss of image sensitivity. It also has slow shutter, 2x focus magnification, clean switching between the “live and playback” function, and a large, easy-to-view 3.5 inch (viewable area, measured diagonally) color LCD screen.

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