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SONY DVW A510 P / TTV3453

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SONY DVW A510P / TTV3453
Used Sony DVW-A510P (DVWA510P) Digital Betacam edit player with RS-422 control and analogue betacam playback

To provide a smooth transition from analog operations to those based on digital technology, Sony developed the DVW-A510P Player, one of a range of Digital BETACAM VTRs. The DVW-A510P inherits the Betacam concept of an affordable workhorse format, but adds many advantages made possible by the use of innovative digital technologies.

The DVW-A510P provides the superb picture quality and multi-generation performance of component digital recording in a compact VTR, with cassette tapes which are the same size as those of analog Betacam machines. Integrating this digital technology into the post-production process at the same time as providing compatibility with existing component analog camcorders and tape archives, gives users a significant return on investment.

With outstanding performance and a whole host of functions, the DVW-A510P offers real advantages to satisfy the needs of the television and associated industries.
Digital Jog Sound
Complete reproduction of 4 channels of digital audio is achieved within the range of -/ 1 times normal playback speed, even in the Jog mode.

Serial Digital Interface
A 4:2:2 component digital video signal, together with 4 digital audio channels and time code are carried via a single coaxial cable, allowing connection with other SDI equipped devices, including Sony DVS Series switchers.

Versatile Integration
Built-in A/D and D/A converters for both audio and video signals allow direct interfacing with analog equipment.

Compact & Lightweight
With the development of an efficient data handling system and application-specific LSIs for signal processing and system control, the DVW-A510P is compact and lightweight.

Built-in Signal Generator
Provides 16 test signals, including colour bars, ramp, multiburst, black burst etc.
Channel Condition Monitoring - Has a 3-colour channel condition indicator, with each colour representing a particular error rate threshold level.

Easy Maintenance
A sophisticated diagnostic system advises of malfunctions within the unit, allowing the precise location and nature of a fault to be quickly determined.

Reliable Tape Transport - The tape transport mechanisms are designed for precision and robustness, utilising a mid rotary type scanner which is positioned between the upper and lower drums to obtain fine head-to-tape contact.

Automatic Alignment Systems
Ensures the accurate recording and reproduction of digital data.

Program Play
Video recordings can be reproduced over a range of -/ 15% normal speed, in increments of 0.1%, allowing the duration of a program to be extended or shortened so that it will fit into an allocated time period.

Dynamic Motion Control Playback
Also provides a DMC playback capability, memorising the tape speed trajectory over the DT speed range.

Dynamic Tracking Playback
Provides broadcast quality pictures over the range of -1 to 3 times normal playback speed.

Two-way Dial Operation
Features two alternative ways of selecting the Jog and Shuttle modes.

High Speed Picture Search
Recognisable colour pictures are provided in shuttle mode at speeds up to -/ 50 times normal playback and recognisable digital audio at up to -/ 24 times.

Ease of Initial Set-up
Parameters of the unit can be set in its menu-style operation using the search dial and is equipped with three user memories of set-up parameters.

Superb Picture Quality
Uses component digital recording which provides superb picture quality and multi-generation capability to overcome the limitations of analog recording.

High Quality Digital Audio
Provides 4 20-bit digital audio signal channels and a super linear D/A converter is used to achieve the required high resolution.

Long Recording Time
A large cassette provides a maximum recording time of 124 minutes and a small cassette up to 40 minutes.

Betacam SP Playback Compatibility
Can play back tapes that are recorded in Betacam and Betacam SP formats, so that a current system can be upgraded from analog to digital step-by-step or all at once.

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