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SONY DVW 500 P/TTV 3450

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The DVW-500 uses component digital recording which provides superb picture qualiti and multi-generation
capability to overcome the limitatons of analog recording.
This technique provides much greater operational flexibiliti, for example bu minimizing dubbing limitations to allow more efficient and complex
multu-layering and editing.
Because it meets the CCIR 601 standard, the DVW-500 is also suitable for emerging 16.9 wide-screen operations.

The development of a very efficient data handling system has made it possible to record these component digital signals within a Betacam size VTR and
tape cassette.

The DVW-500 provides four, independently editable, 20-bit digital audio signal channels. To ensure a wide dynamic range for analog signals, super linear
achieve the required high resolution.

To gain maximum performance from high density digital recording, new metal particle cassette tapes have been developed exclusively for digital BETACAM VTRs.
To cover different applications, both large and small size cassettes are available and these have the same dimensions as current Betacam cassettes.

The use of this highly efficient data handling regime achieves a longer recording time than that of the current Betacam format.
A large cassette provides a maximum recording time of 124 minutes and a small cassette up to 40 minutes.
The DVW-500 is equipped with SDI (Serial Digital interface) which conforms to the SMPTE259M. A 4:2:2 component digital video signal, together with four digital
audio channels and time code are carried via a single coaxial cable, allowing simple connection with other SDI equipped devices -- including Sony DVS Series switchers.
Furthermore, SDI also gives the benefit of long distance transmission -- at least 200 meters without any extra hardware.

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