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Bebob's Coco adaptor sits in-between the battery pack and the body of many sony professional DV / HDV camcorders ( DSR-PD170 / HVR-Z1E) and provides a steady 12V DC supply at up to 15W, allowing you to power a professional quality battery light directly from the camcorder - no more trailing wires, battery belts or shoulder straps!

There's even a 2nd lemo connector to allow connection of a radio microphone receiver too.

The built-in voltage converter supplies, via Twist D-Tag output 12 V power for a camera light or an external LCD monitor. The match connector is a very normal D-Tap and through the Twist-Technology it is possible to choose the cable guide you desire; while the polarity will be retained. 

The Coco-dvl is designed to output a steady 15 W (20 W max. power) at 12V, this is enough for LCD monitor, Video transmitter or camera light with 10 W bulb. It is also possible to use a 20 W bulb as long as the camera light is dimmable or a disposal Soft-start electronics.  When you switch on a 20W bulb there is a start-up peak which will overload the built-in fuse of most batteries. High-quality batteries incorporate an internal thermal safety circuit designed to stop current flow when out-rush current is exceeded to protect the battery from melting or exploding.  The circuit can only then be rest by placing the battery on the charger for a rest cycle. 

The running time of camera and light at the recording mode amounts with a 10W bulb to 135 min. And 75 min. with a 20 W bulb. 

Coco-dvl is designed to be used with the following camera:

  • Sony VX-2000, 2100
  • Sony DSR-PD 150 und 170
  • Sony HVR-FX1 und HDV-Z1E
  • and All cameras using Sony NPF batteries 

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