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JOKER Bug Kit 800 W Flikker free

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The Joker Bug 800 represents a natural step for K5600, INC., an extension of it's line of HMI daylight fixtures. After the enormous popularity of the 200 and the 400, the full f-Stop increment seemed logical.

The K5600 Joker Bug 800 HMI Par Light is a best seller. It has quickly become the most sought after hmi light for film, video, dv and photo production. The 800w hmi single ended lamp is a unique size. It provides almost the equivalent output of a much larger and heavier 1200W hmi par 64 type lamp. Hmi par lights are extremely versatile. Use the Joker 800 with a Chimera soft box for a beautiful soft key light in interview settings. Or, shoot it directly through a window for a realistic sunlight effect creating dramatic backgrounds. Need to lift the ambient light level in a room? Just bounce the Joker 800 Hmi par off the ceiling for a shadowless fill light. With interchangeable lenses the Joker 800w can quickly change the beam shape from very wide to very narrow while also increasing or decreasing the light output. Using a wider lens the light will spread more but light output will decrease. Using a narrower lens the light beam will be more concentrated in a smaller area while also increasing the light output.

Another determining factor for the creation of this particular fixture size is the main power limitations associated with the location shooting.

The next size up (1200W) monopolizes a full circuit whereas the JOKER-BUG 800 will allow for another source such as a 400 while delivering twice the output of that 400.

The JOKER-BUG 800 is comparable to a 3200/4000 quartz fixture but with a power draw of only 12.5Amps.

In the Bug-Lite" mode (no optics) the main application is in traditional Lightbanks as well as Lanterns where it uses the sides as a large reflector, collecting the maximum output of the lamp and filling the front screen very evenly.

It is very powerful in daylight interiors and can operate in any position including pointing down.

The BEAMER optical accessory turns the BUG-Lite into a JOKER-BUG, a directional PAR unit offering various beam patterns through quick lens changes.

The JOKER-BUG 800 offers the most flexible optical configuration for location lighting by archieving Spot to Flood ratios 55 to 1 with beam angles from as narrow as 5 degrees to as wide as 45 degrees.

The Kit configuration of this system feels incredibly compact. By it's size: same case as the Joker-Bug 400, and weight at 38 lbs. !!

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