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Softube for Joker 800 / 400

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The Softube for Joker-Bug lights transforms a normally spotty narrow beam into a soft and even linear source. These characteristics make the Softube the perfect corner light - ideal for window reinforcement, large vehicle interiors, and whenever a compact long soft source is needed.

Easy and quick to set up which saves the lighting crew valuable production time. HMI quality, low heat, high output.

The Softube is based on the fiber light guides principle where a beam is trapped inside a volume by multiple reflections, and goes out through a selective path. The emitting source must be a highly concentrated light beam.

The Softube unit consists of three parts: the attachment ring, the translucent Joker Gel skin, and the mirror cap. It connects to the Jokerbug 200 head (see assembly instructions).


SOFTUBES 200-400-800

The SOFTUBE TM ; ;is an accessory which can be mounted on the Joker-Bugs 200, 400 or 800 in Par configuration (with
the beamer).

The SOFTUBE changes the narrow concentrated beam of the Par without lens into a linear soft light source.

SOFTUBEs have been designed for use in confined spaces: they can be hidden behind pillars, can accentuate a window effect, or are ideal inside vehicles.

Easy and quick to set up, they are lightweight but sturdy. SOFTUBE offers HMI quality lighting with virtually no heat generated along its length with yet good output


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