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DEDO Standard Kit 4 x 12 v 100 w 0

DEDO Standard Kit 4 x 12 v 100 w

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Consists of the following items.

4 DLH4 Dedolight head universal double aspheric lens
1 DT12-4 Dedo transformer 240v-12v x 4
6 DPOW3 Cable for DLH2 to DT transformers: 8m
1 DXBAT4/3 Battery cable 4-pin XLR + on/off switch: 1.4m
1 DCAR3 Cig adapter w/ on /off switch: 2.5m
4 DBD Standard barndoor 4 DPLS Light shield ring
4 DFH Gel filter holder
1 DGMB Mixed blue, 24 gels
1 DGMD Mixed diffusion, 20 filters
3 DST Dedolight stand
1 DSTFX Dedolight flexible stand extension
2 DH2 Dedolight holder
2 CLAMP1 Dedolight clamp
1 DV6B Vacuum mount
8 DL100 12V 100W Halogen lamp
2 DL50 12V 50W Halogen lamp
2 DL20 12V 20W Halogen lamp
2 DLBOX Plastic box
1 DCHD Dedolight heavy duty transport case

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