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The ARRISUN is a "working horse" on location. Whenever punch or bounce light is required on a set, an ARRISUN is the ultimate answer. For the first time the interaction of lamp, reflector and converter lens was taken into consideration and computer simulated, resulting in unmatched light performance. A wide range of converter lenses ensure maximum beam control in all situations.

Dual lamping

Can be fitted with a 2500 or 4000 watt single-ended HMI lamp, making it a very versatile lighting fixture. The wattage from the HMI lamp in the head and the wattage from the ballast must match (for example 2500-to-2500, or 4000-to-4000.)

No additional cable

An adapter cable is only required with the use of a magnetic ballast- none is needed for an electronic ballast

Optimum output

A 12" (330mm) lens set is available to optimize lighting performance

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