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VINTEN Vector 70 0

VINTEN Vector 70

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With an LF fluid drag system, the Vector 70 gives smooth movement with adjustable drag over a wide range with whip pan capability. Ideal for the latest digital studio, OB camera, lens & teleprompter combinations.


  • LF Fluid Drag System
  • Innovative Counterbalance Mechanism
  • No ‘Time Consuming’ Cam changes
  • Effective Rear Control Brakes
  • Illuminated Levelling Bubble

Camera Support Crank Plate

The introduction of the Camera Support Crank Plate has finally introduced a solution to the age-old problem of shifting camera balance due to large displacement film magazines. Its revolutionary design allows for rapid and precise adjustment of camera balance on virtually any type of head or camera mount. The high level of precision offered in this product enables extremely smooth balance adjustment even while the camera is rolling!


  • Rapid, precise adjustment of camera balance
  • Hole pattern allows for offset of camera center
  • Two types of adjustment handles included
  • Can be adjusted from either front or rear
  • Low profile design

Camera Support Knuckle Adapter

Camera Support's Knuckle Adapter gives pedestal operators a new edge in quick shot repositioning by offering an alternate, fixed pan handle mount. Using the Knuckle Adapter enables the operator to boom a ped up or down without affecting the tilt of the camera head. In the past this has been extremely dificult since both handles were connected to the tilting section of the head.


  • Allows fixed mounting of pan handle
  • Increases ease of ped height adjustment
  • Eliminates accidental tilting
  • Positions can be swapped quickly

Camera Support Battery Bracket

The exclusive design of the Camera Support Battery Bracket allows convenient, stable mounting of block batteries to all Camera Support pedestals. Up to three Battery Brackets can be mounted to a pedestal.


  • Convenient, stable mount for block batteries
  • Holds all types of block batteries
  • Modular desing mounts on all sides of peds

Pedestal Accessory Package

Camera Support proudly offers the Pedestal Accessory Package as an option with all of our pedestals. The package includes all of the accessories above in a single kit, including the necessary hardware to mount the accessories to your camera package.


  • The convenience of all accessories combined!
  • Accessories are pre-installed.
  • Makes your operators very happy!

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