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The Sachtler System 20 is targeted to the high end ENG user who demands rapid setup and repeatable results in addition to studio-grade camera movements.

The Video 20 SB is a fast, safe, and reliable fluid head. Its temperature-independent frictionless damping system with seven levels of drag plus zero enables operators to capture the most riveting scenes and events on video. Changing positions? Changing attitudes? In the heat of the moment, one can setup and follow the action smoothly, even with heavy cameras. Does your work require fast unplanned changes? No problem, the Video 20 SB can easily handle it, even with a maximum payload, thanks to the lightweight head and ergonomic operation controls.

The Speed Lock CF is the fastest two stage tripod in the world! Simply release the three easy to reach clamps and the Speed Lock CF is ready for action. This extremely sturdy and twist-resistant carbon fiber tripod ensures that you're already shooting while the others are still setting up.

A mid-level spreader completes the package by ensuring absolute stability regardless of the working surface, and the ENG/EFP padded bag comfortably and quickly contains the whole kit for efficient transport.

Frictionless fluid damping with 7 levels of drag
A prerequisite for perfect shots is pan and tilt movements without jerks or vibrations. Sachtler's patented damping system takes everything in stride. The individual modules are nearly frictionless and contain no hydraulic oil, thus, completely leak proof. The damping action is identical across both horizontal and vertical planes and offers seven steps of drag for smooth moves in the most strenuous conditions. The operator may also completely disengage the drag for fast panning without affecting the dynamic counterbalance system.
Twelve step dynamic counterbalancing system
Using torsion springs the dynamic counterbalancing system compensates for torque as the camera tilts, preventing it from inadvertently tipping, and ensuring that it is stable at any angle (freeing the operator to concentrate fully on camerawork). These springs you may adjust individually and independently from the damping system; as such, they work silently and without maintenance.
Sliding balance plate
The balance plate has a 120 mm sliding range and allows the operator to compensate precisely for a variety of configuration weights, ensuring perfect balance across the horizontal plane.
Pan/Tilt Locks
Vibrationless vertical and horizontal disc brakes for maximum safety in fast-paced reporting situations.
Speed Locks
It takes just three quick movements and the Speed Lock CF is ready for action and the user doesn't even have to bend over! The patented clamping system lets you adjust the tripod smoothly and safely, even with a camera mounted. The Speed Lock CF's carbon fiber construction ensures minimal load-free weight, and the clamping connection forms a third tube to further increase stability. The ergonomically shaped, high-tech clamps have a rounded design which ensures that cables slide off without catching.

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