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The Sony HDW650 is a 2/3" ENG camcorder that shoots Sony's industry-standard HDCAM format. The camera comes equipped with a stunning feature-set that allows for extensive image manipulation, including color balance, highlight control and adjustable gamma curves. With its newly developed 14-bit DSP, the HDW650F produces incredible signal-to-noise ratio, providing the cleanest images possible.

HDCAM Inside
The HDW650F records to Sony's flagship HDCAM broadcast format. Known as the gold-standard for high definition acquisition, the camera boasts the highest quality image available on any HDCAM rig and can be used in a wide variety of shooting situations.
Infinitely Adjustable
The HDW650F has a wide array of adjustable image controls that translate into stunningly accurate images. The Auto-Tracing White Balance is useful in situations where one must quickly move between indoor and outdoor (natural and unnatural) lighting situations. Color temperature control can be used to choose between images that appear cooler with more bluish tones, or warmer with more reddish ones. Lastly, gamma curve adjustment can be performed in camera and will provide a wide range of tonal choices across the entire image.
Great in Low Light
The camera features a Power HAD sensor that has amazing ability to shoot in low light conditions. Images will appear crisp with shadows and highlights that accurately represent the actual environment with a very low amount of noise.
Digital Wireless Microphone Receiver
The camera can accommodate a wide range of wireless audio receivers, providing 2-channel audio with highly stable transmissions.
Super Low Signal-to-noise Ratio
With a signal-to-noise ratio of 59dB while using noise-suppression, the HDW650F produces some of the cleanest images in the industry. Whether interior light or bright sun, the camera will perform like a champ.
Lightweight and Comfortable
The camera's weight and distribution make holding the rig for long periods of time comfortable and easy.
Picture Cache Recording
The Picture Cache Recording built-in to the camera helps prevent operators from missing the action. Since tape takes a moment to spin up, the camera will buffer 8 seconds of recorded footage, ensuring that the operator won't miss a critical moment.

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