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• Advanced image-enhancing circuitry,
  including excellent motion response and a diagonal line compensation circuit.
• Three-dimensional LUT offering virtually the same color reproduction as CRTs in all video formats.
• Wide, 176° horizontal and vertical viewing angle.
• Marker and blue-only functions.
• Vectorscope (SDI-In only) and waveform monitoring.
• Cross hatch overlay display.
• Pixel-to-pixel display without resizing HD pixels.
• Coordination of multiple cameras on split screens.
• Time code (HD-SDI only) and closed caption (NTSC) display.
• Cine-gamma (F-REC) compensation for Varicam shooting.
• Production-tough aluminum diecast frame build quality.
• Two SDI, component and DVI-D inputs, PC input compatible.
• RS-232C/GPI remote control terminals.
• Tally lamp (red, green)
• Headphone jack and built-in stereo speakers.
• Low power consumption and quiet operation without fan noise.
• Audio level meter overlay display (with SDI input).
• AC/DC power 
• Rack mounting (optional BT-MA1710G)
• Wall mounting (optional BT-WMA17G)
• LCD protective panel for outdoor use (optional BT-PRP17G)

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