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SWIT S 1080 B 0

SWIT S 1080 B

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S-1080B is a portable high resolution 1.2 Mega pixels LCD monitor with wide angle 8-inch screen. It could be mounted on top of camera as an additional viewing source.
S-1080B monitor accepts 1 YUV Component, 1 S-video, 1 Composite video and 1 Stereo audio input, and has 1 Composite video loop through output, as well as safety mark display, 3-color TALLY light and picture rotate and flip functions.

Screen Size : 8”

Format : PAL/NTSC

Aspect Ratio : 16:9/4:3

Resolution : 800xRGBx480

Signal Input : YUV/YC/Composite with Audio

Description : 8” TFT Monitor, 12v DC input

Dimensions: 220x132x58mm

Power Consumption: 12W


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