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The bracket includes a comfortable hand grip - good for holding for support whilst extending the height of the flashgun bracket or shifting the position of the camera component. Secured onto a light stand it feels like a tactile bit of equipment. Fully extended the telescopic pole is small in diameter, but as it's only designed to have a reasonably light flashgun attached it does the job very well.

At full extension the distance between the base of the camera thread at the top of the flashgun pole measures around 18-inches and it's either possible to attach a flash using detachable hotshoe component or a fixed spigot. Of course, as you are free to take off the hotshoe accessory loosen it up a little and it's free to spin a full 360-degrees - great for perfecting those flash bounces.

At first, approaching the V-H Flash Bracket is a little bit like tackling a Krypton Factor challenge - especially when it comes to adjusting the quick release plate and tweaking the position. After you've sussed it out though it's very easy to adjust and secure in place.

As the camera plate can be removed from the camera bracket it's possible to thread up very easily and this gives you good access to the tightening screw so you can make sure it's secure.

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