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Flexible and Affordable
With it’s ability to convert SD, HD, or HDMI inputs to SD-SDI or HD-SDI, the MCSDI-1 delivers multiple conversion options in one, cost-effective unit.

With its small footprint, the MCSDI-1 is extremely portable, can be mounted on a camera, and powered by a 7.2V DC camera battery.

Multiple Input Options
The MCSDI-1 accommodates HD analog, SD analog, and HDMI inputs.

Input Signal Auto Sensing
With built-in auto sensing, no signal-setting is required for video inputs, making the unit very simple to use.

Extends the Usage of Prosumer Cameras
Prosumer-level HD cameras (with analog or HDMI output) can now be used in live studio shoots when combined with the MCSDI-1.

Two-Channel Audio Input
The MCSDI-1 can accommodate two channels of audio input and embed them both in the SDI signal, requiring only one SDI cable for both video and audio transmission.

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