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Ikusnet ENG is a multi-purpose HD/SD Mpeg4 AVC/H.264 bidirectional portable IP video and audio codec that can broadcast live from anywhere, at anytime, supporting ad-hoc bandwidth aggregation of up to 10 links (3G/4G/Dual-Ethernet/WIFI) with a statistical real-time load-balancing algorithm that assures best possible network utilization, reducing jitter and packet losses. 

Ikusnet is the only portable video codec in the market supporting bidirectional live video and audio/talkback streams all in one compact unit, with 2 switchable video inputs (2 cameras-SDI/HDMI/Composite) and 2 monitor screens to monitor video inputs, feedback and locally encoded video.

Ikusnet is able to compress and stream video and audio over satellite (ASI interface) as well as any standard IP network including 3G, 4G, WIFI, Wimax, BGAN & Ethernet. Prodys esperience gives Ikusnet the best quality/compression ratio and make Ikusnet the best video codec solution for both narrow and wide bandwidth data links. 

Ikusnet provides the most robust streaming technology by offering the widest range of tools to cope with network limitations and impairments: Automatic Bit Rate Adaption, FEC protection, Error Concealment, and Active Packet Recovery will both protect data against packet losses and reduce the impact of network limitations.






2 x 16:9, 4.5" foldable monitors with selectable inputs

2 switchable HD/SD-SDI, HDMI or Composite Video inputs for program

Internal audio mixer

2 x RJ-45 Fast Ethernet ports to split data and control or for bandwidth aggregation

MPEG4 AVC/H.264 SD and HD compression

2 x audio mic/line inputs from Program & Talkback

DVB-ASI interface

External monitor output

Up to 4 embedded audio channels can be selected for Program encoding and streaming

Support multiple 3G/4G/Dual-Ethernet/WIFI link aggregation of up to 10 links

Broadcast BNC connectors

Balanced broadcast XLR connectors

Auxiliary storage via SD Card or USB

Selectable or automatic bitrate to optimize transmission quality network conditions

Dual headphone 6.35 jack connectors for feedback output

Live recording and fast offline FTP file upload with 3G/4G/Dual-Ethernet/WIFI link aggregation

Selectable framerate and spatial resolution

Flat surface rotary audio level controls for inputs and outputs

BRAVE™ (BitRate Adaptive Video Encoding), MPEG-TS & RTMP transmission protocols for audio and video

Factory and custom encoding presets for fast operation

AAC and HE AAC encoding algorithms

FEC, Error Concealment and Active Packet Recovery to mitigate network impairments

Built-in file editor.

AAC ELD low delay encoding in the talkback channel

Configurable transmission delay to adapt to different network types and performances


VU-meters on screen

Real time Network Monitoring Tools and statistics



Intuitive and fast touchscreen dynamic menu



NAT Traversal Remote Control via Web interface of Ikusnet ENG from Ikusnet ST



Transparent auxiliary data transmission on serial port and GPIO functions




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