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.  HD/SD-SDI in both directions

.   Tally

.  2 serial  control ports

.  Sync

.  Talk back

.   Power /cable copper + fibre optic cable –light weight 6.5 Kg /100m

.   Head unit supplied in a tough waterproof case.

  The CamLinx system multiplexes video and analogue signals ( in digital form ) down a single fibre in each direction between the base station and head.

 The fibre is capable of very high signal data rates and consequently HD does not require any compression that would result in frame delay

  The fibre optic cable may have copper conductors within the sheath. Power is sent down at nominally 48 volts and converted to the camera voltage with high efficiency. This allows the use of relatively light cables for distances up to 250m. A 100m cable weighs 6.5 Kg. For longer distances a local power source or battery may be used.


   CamLinx interrogates the video input and then performs a set up procedure to conform to the input.

   Connector   75 Ohm BNC

   Level 0.8 v return loss better than –15dB to 1.5 GHz


  Base station is opto isolated

  Connector 15 pin D type Female

  Camera output contact closure, indicator LED on top of unit, may be switched off


   Two channel RS232/422  compatible user selectable

    Connector 9 pin D type  at base

                   12 pin Hirose at head


   Base station 4 wire system balanced inputs.

   Camera end levels suitable for Microphone/headset  Volume control for headset

   Sockets 5 pin XLRs  


  Will transmit standard tri sync or black and burst ( burst will be inhibited )

   Level  +/- 150mv

   Connector 75 Ohm BNC

 Status display

   Two line character display. The function selected via two momentary action push button switches

   A switchable onscreen display is also incorporated as standard

   The base station display may  select.

   Fibre transmit/receive levels both at base and remote

   Fibre optic data errors

   Video data errors

   Software and firmware revision


    Base station input via standard IEC 3 Pin plug .Universal  mains voltage

    Power requirement determined by camera system ,up to 65 Watts

    48 volt output to hybrid fibre / copper connector

    Remote unit efficiently converts 48 volts to 12 volt for camera

    12 volt input available to extend range to several kilometers.

    Connector 4 pin XLR pin 1 negative pin 4 positive.

    The normal battery pack will also clip onto the CamLinx head ( PAGlok)

   Fibre System

   The fibre is single mode 9/125 microns

   Connectors from different suppliers may be used, consult VolAmp Ltd

   Standard supplied is by Neutrik .

   The connectors are standard LC types, extensively used in the IT industry.

   Hybrid cable diameter 7.3 mm

   Weight 6.5 Kg / 100 m

   Maximum distance 250 m with 60 Watt load


   Base station 19” 1 U( 44 mm ) depth  270 mm

   Remote head  130 x 170 x 85 mm

 Additional Options

   Redundant 48 volt power supply in base.

   The following options use units, which clip into the camera CamLinx module using PAGlok type PAG 9672.

   SD to composite converter.

   Two channel Audio 24 bit with/without SD to composite converter.

   SD to composite + component to HD/SD.

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